ASC WORKERS is a brand associated by our clients with good quality and a relatively low price of the services provided. What undoubtedly distinguishes our offer is the great flexibility achieved through an individual approach to each client.

ASC WORKERS is also a professional Temporary Employment Agency. They are primarily people – professionals in their field who can understand the client’s needs and adapt to his requirements. Annually, we carry out hundreds of complex recruitment processes for our clients and we refer them to many temporary employees.

Our primary goal is to find out about the most important needs of our clients in the area of Human Resources Management, and then to supplement the identified gaps through the optimal selection of activities in the field of services we offer.

What are the benefits of cooperation?

Temporary employment agency services provided by ASC WORKERS have been very popular in many EU countries for many years. In Poland, new, flexible forms of employment are gaining more and more approval. Thanks to them, a company that decides to cooperate with the Employment Agency can protect itself from incurring excessive labor costs. It also reduces the risk of incorrect candidate selection or losses related to not finding one.

The most important thing is that the client saves his time, because we take over the troublesome, long and costly recruitment and selection processes.

This has the following advantages:

Oszczędność czasu

Agencja wyszukuje pracowników publikując ogłoszenia w największych mediach tradycyjnych i
elektronicznych w kraju.

Oszczędność kosztów

Agencja przygotowuje i publikuje ogłoszenia w optymalnie dobranych mediach.

Wybór właściwego kandydata

Agencja nie tylko rekrutuje, ale również przeprowadza selekcję przy użyciu zaawansowanych

Przekazanie odpowiedzialności za projekt wyspecjalizowanej firmie zewnętrznej

Projekty rekrutacyjne w ASC WORKERS prowadzi doświadczony personel w dziedzinie HR.

We treat each client individually. We try to get to know all his staffing needs and adjust our offer to him

What services do we offer?

Recruitment and Selection

A service consisting in the recruitment and selection of employees carried out according to the criteria specified by the client. The selected employee is employed directly by the client.

An effective way to quickly and cost-effectively attract the best candidates on the market.

Employee leasing

A service consisting in the temporary hiring of employees in accordance with the client’s order. They are employed by the agency on the basis of a mandate contract and delegated to work for the client.

A cheap and effective solution for ad hoc projects that require a lot of work or specific qualifications.

Temporary Work

The service of hiring employees in accordance with the Act on the employment of temporary workers. They are employed by the agency on the basis of a temporary employment contract and delegated to work for the client.

A way to significantly reduce labor costs by making employment more flexible and focusing on the strategic goals of the company, e.g. by transferring HR and payroll problems to an external company.

Who do we recruit most often?

Most often we are looking for employees for production positions, i.e .: